Recent Assignments

  • Market Monitoring Program tracking satisfaction and win/loss for emerging PSA market (Professional Services Automation). Identified and tracked competitive set, key strengths/weaknesses and satisfaction drivers to develop differentiated positioning that will address market needs.

  • Market needs assessment in the e-procurement space to determine level of acceptance among target companies and procurement executives. Identified needed subset of products and services and uncovered need to overhaul existing pricing model to be value-based.

  • E-Business tracking study of Corporate America design and execution for leading IT consultancy firm. Measured state of e-business (B2B and B2C) and identified priorities and success factors. Developed e-business adoption model.

  • Development of Global Services business unit for leading worldwide outsourcer. Started with secondary research, followed by market assessment and quantification with current project of account targeting, qualification and opportunity identification.

  • Comprehensive customer segmentation study for  top manufacturer of mid-range and client/server hardware. Identified separate segments with similar behavior and uncovered reasons why client was not getting expected share of repeat business.

  • Design and implementation of customer satisfaction program pilot for leading vendor of asset planning and maintenance software. Measured current satisfaction level. Identified key drivers of satisfaction level and action items to address. Refined approach for complete roll out across entire customer base.

  • Customer feedback via interactive workstation interviews conducted at users’ conference of a top enterprise-wide client/server application development tools company. Obtained timely, relevant and cost effective feedback on number of topics.

  • Market modeling of the transportation business (freight and less than truckload).  In-depth qualitative and quantitative assessment of current practices and decisions related to shipping. Built interactive market modeling tool to allow scenario testing (what if) to predict potential shifts in demand based on changed market offerings and perceptions.